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Mediation is an approach to conflict resolution where the parties are given the opportunity to informally attempt to resolve their issues. Settlement negotiation between the parties is facilitated by a mediator. Mediation is a voluntary, non-binding and confidential process. This process allows for parties to addressed all issues that might be impeding any settlement from monetary issues to emotional issues.


Many parties do not want to go to court and to meet and resolve matters informally. There are many reasons why mediation is a preferred approach. Some of the main reasons are: high litigation costs, time consumption, and uncertain results. A benefit to mediation is a high potential for relationship preservation. An agreement between parties can in some cases preserve a relationship. Best of all, parties are in control of reaching any agreement.


Our mediators provide both private mediation and mediation ordered by local courts. Our Firm has two court approved mediators: Anthony E. Galyean and Kimberly A. Steffenson. Both are on the mediation panels for the Yuba County Superior Court and for the Butte County Superior Court.


Our mediators handle many areas of law. A few of the areas are as follows:


Family Law

Parties in a dissolution situation have many issues both financially and emotionally. Support, custody and property issues can be very complex and costly to bring to court. The time parties spend preparing for court and attending court can be very difficult. Many individuals find the court process to be long, tedious, and it does not address all of their concerns or issues. A mediator can sometimes help parties clarify issues, form resolutions, and give a reality check to expectations.


Many individuals do not want their issues addressed in a public form and they want to preserve relationships to avoid future conflict that will allow for cooperation between the parties to continue family relations. Specifically, in situations regarding children the tension between the parties is felt by the children, which hurts those the parents are attempting to protect.


Mediation can help to form an agreement that both parties will abide by and an agreement entered by a party is less likely to be broken than one forced on a party by the Court.


Personal Injury

Litigation in a personal injury case generally focuses on a financial settlement. This leaves other issues unaddressed and usually does not provide closure to allow the parties to move on with their lives. Mediation can allow an opportunity for more closure, as it can address issues other than simply the financial issue.


Estate Planning and Probate

Families involved in a dispute over an estate or Trust find themselves not only faced with a long and costly court litigation, but the loss and high emotional conflict between family members. Mediation can help parties reach a resolution that all parties can live with, which can preserve family relations or lead to the mending of family relations.


Commercial, Business, Construction, Real Estate and Employment

These cases generally are factually complex and involve multiple parties. Costs in theses cases are usually very high on both sides. Our mediators have the knowledge and understanding of these cases to address the needs of both parties to facilitate a resolution.